Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ultimates 3 revisited.....

From a press release:

The sold-out, red-hot Ultimates 3 has critics and fans everywhere talking about the startling new direction for the Ultimate Universe"and now’s your chance to find out why in Ultimates 3: March On Ultimatum! Collecting the sold-out Ultimates 3 #1-3, from the dream team of Eisner-winning, Emmy-nominated writer Jeph Loeb (Hulk, television’s Heroes) and the acclaimed art team of Joe Madureira & Christian Lichtner.

From my review of it:

Ultimates Volume 3. Let’s all pretend it doesn’t exist. Maybe we can wish it out of existence.

Is that what they mean when they say that critics and fans were "talking about the startling new direction"?

Just a thought.

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