Monday, May 05, 2008

A short weekend in Nottingham: what the Bruton's did for May Day..

Well, actually it was just a Saturday and some of Sunday as Louise and Molly had to return for as meeting about some Catholic thing or other (1st Holy Communion - it seems important to them).

But Family Bruton travelled down to Nottingham for a short weekend with friends. I took myself off to visit the city and do a little shopping, and then we all got together once the children were in bed and drank far too much. Did you know you can get Gin Liqueur? Me neither. But my head knew about it Sunday morning.

Anyway, much fun.
We were staying at family Dixon and Matt has recently taken the brave step of going freelance, after years of doing beautiful computer art for big companies, he's now plying his trade for himself, that's one of his at the top of the post.
Go visit his website and give him work.

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