Monday, May 12, 2008

Some Eagle Award results.....

It takes a US based website to finally get word out. Bloody hell. CBR have some of the details, although not the full list:

Matt Fraction - best newcomer
The Walking Dead - best B&W - although CBR does mention that the biggest cheer went up for Phonogram. As well it should.
Hellboy: Darkness Falls - Favourite Colour Comic (US)
Dave Gibbons - best letterer.
Absolute Sandman - favourite reprint. - best website.

& Rich Johnston has more on Lying In The Gutters:
Best New Comic: Thor,
Best British Colour Comic: Spectacular Spider-Man,
Best Editor: Matt Smith,
Best Black And White British Comic: How To Date A Guy In Ten Days (update - should read Girl - ooops)


  1. Rich Johnston8:07 AM

    Oy! I am British!

  2. I know, I know. And we love you very much, and appreciate that you may have to take the yankee dollar.