Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday afternoon; end of football season

Molly was off at a party this afternoon so Louise and I spent the time listening to the football.
Having been born in Dudley I'm a Wolves fan by local team (Dudley Town ceased to exist a long time ago) but have always had a soft spot for West Brom. So it was nice to see them go up even if Wolves managed (as usual) to play themselves out of a play off place.
Then working in Smiths Wood in Birmingham for 5 years managed to scar my psyche so much that my utter hatred of Birmingham City will stay with me for life. Smith's Wood is the worst sink estate in Birmingham, full of every horrible sterotype of white underclass you could ever find.

Which means that today I really, really, really wanted Birmingham to go down. And so much better that they won so emphatically and still went down. bwah hah hah hah.
Definitely one to watch on Match of the Day tonight.
At the top of the table I wasn't too bothered, but after hearing how soft the referee had been on Man Utd I really wanted Chelsea to do the business and Wigan to help them out. It seems that Scholes should have been sent off but the referee bottled it completely. So very wrong.


  1. oliver east9:38 PM

    in 12 years of working in the service industry of Manchester, Man City fans were the most obnoxious of the two big clubs, so it was with pleasure that I see them get thumped 8-1.

    And Bolton nicked a point off of Chelsea which meant we didn't stay up on goal difference.

  2. Spent a year in Wolves Uni and have kept an eye on Wolves ever since.

    Disappointed to see them drop down, Mick McCarthy is still useless.