Monday, May 12, 2008

Supporting Pockington shops ......

As you may know, since moving up to Pocklington we've tried to make a real stand for our town, supporting local shops and really doing what we can to keep the spectre of horrible multinational chains out of the town.

Friday was another step forward on relinquishing our reliance on big stores and getting back to using local retailers.
We popped into Footloose, Pocklington's new children's shoe shop that's been open since about February 2008. It looks absolutely wonderful, and always seems busy, which is a really good sign. Talking to the owner, it seems that they're doing very well indeed and are really quite surprised by the enthusiastic reception.
Molly instantly feel in love with a set of completely unsuitable sandals, but she got over her dissapointment when she tried walking in them and soo nrealised thast there was no chance of her ever being able to run around in them. So in the end we ended up with her second choice, but she's really, really happy with them anyway.

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