Saturday, June 07, 2008

Alan Moore's first trip to the USA .....

LinkMachineGo presents a set of scans of an article by Alan Moore of his first visit to New York to visit DC & Marvel. A wonderful look back......

An Impossibly Rich Celebrity's Guide by Alan Moore.

‘24th August, Thursday - My Taxi to Heathrow arrives driven by comics’s answer to Robert de Niro, Jamie Delano, who combines scripting ‘Nightraven’ and ‘Captain Britain’ with taxi work. Phyllis and the children Amber and Leah make a brave attempt at concealing the turbulent emotions aroused in them by my departure, but I can tell they are secretly heartbroken. My flight is a seven hour sneak preview of purgatory. I read Alexei Sayle’s ‘Train to Hell’ from cover to cover. I’m sitting in the central aisle and I can’t see out of the window. What’s the point of flying if you can’t see how many thousands of feet you’ve got to fall shrieking to your death?’

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