Saturday, June 07, 2008

Adrian Tomine New Yorker cover

Adrian Tomine has done the cover for the Fiction issue of the New Yorker four times in the past. His latest is by far his best. It's also a very clever dig at modern culture and the ongoing debate - shops or amazon?

Personally I'm torn.
I've used online shopping for years and used to almost exclusively buy books, cds and dvds from here. Of course, nowadays I don't buy cds that much anymore and dvds come from Amazon rental anyway because there are very few films worth keeping - probably because I'm fairly safe in the knowledge that the films I want will always be available from now on in our information rich society.
Books are a strange one though. We've our own independent bookshop in Pocklington, plus my ongoing book embargo plus a desire to use the library some more means I've been getting less books from Amazon. And I do like to support the local bookstore when I can, although every time I pay full price on a book I practically wince.

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