Friday, June 13, 2008

Blank Slate Books

Blank Slate Books, publisher of Trains Are ... Mint and Mawil's We Can Still Be Friends now has a blog.
The first post is that great feeling of "what now....?" Not in a desperate way, more a sense of a lot of possibilities.

I know it's Kenny and Jim from FPI, where I does reviews and stuff, but this isn't some needless pandering. It is important. To have a publisher like this in Britain is something we've been missing too long. All those years watching Fantagraphics, Drawn & Quarterly and Top Shelf and wondering where the UK equivalent was.
For a while we had Knockabout, but it never really seemed right somehow. But From initial impressions, if Blank Slate can keep it going, they have a damn good chance.

The first books published have certainly been impressive:
Trains Are ... Mint is a truly great book and Mawil's a fantastic choice for a foreign language reprint; funny autobiographical work that sits extremely well with the likes of Jeffrey Brown, Joe Matt et al.
And like I reported earlier, the next confirmed release will be the next book from Oliver East; Proper Go Well High. Which looks sublime.

But past that? Kenny has plans. Big plans. Great plans. It's going to be fun seeing them develop. Long may Blank Slate carry on. We've waited too long for this sort of publisher.

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