Friday, June 13, 2008

Word Magazines Best & Worst Of The Interweb....

The latest word magazine has a feature on the best and worst things about the Internet.
Everything you'd expect to be there is there. Of course, the good things are pretty obvious:

Email. Bittorrent. Music Blogs. Facebook. Flickr. and Google. Of course Google: "Passes the test of the truly essential world changer, which is that you don't even notice using it but if it disappeared you'd feel like you'd lost a leg."

But it's the bad things that are far more fun:

Adobe Reader: "All we want to do is read a PDF but this horrible, needy piece of bloatware keeps making you quit all other programs while it updates itself."

I'm a Mac, I'm a PC: "Unfortunate side effect; made Macs look a bit smug and wanky."

Myspace: "Nobody over 13 has any business there."

Bands' Websites: "Fansites, done for nothing by mad people. beat them hands down pretty much every time."

and my favourite, probably because it's exactly where I find myself quite a lot of the time:
Information Anxiety: "You find yourself sweatily wondering if there have been any developments in the news while actually looking at the BBC news website. This is not a healthy state of affairs."

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