Monday, June 23, 2008

Bruton Mansions Weekend - Sport's Day, Gala Evenings and Buddhist retreats....

Another busy Bruton Mansions weekend. Friday and Saturday passed by in a bit of a blur of rushing and travel.

Friday was Molly's Sport's Day at school. It's the first one we've had since we've been up here because this time last year Pocklington was in the middle of the great floods of 2007. Sport's Day is a little difficult when the field (not to mention the school building) is underwater.

Thankfully, following my thoughts on the ridiculous nature of non-competitive sport's days, Molly's school has no problems with good competititon. Not only do the children all compete to be first, but the three school houses all compete for points as well. The winning team even has a lap of honour of the sport's field.
Molly had three races and came 2nd, 3rd and 2nd. One of the second places was in the sack race:

(No idea - something happening off camera.
Although probably not as dramatic as Molly makes out. Drama Queen.)

Of course, after sports day it was all systems go and a mad rush. Get home, pack overnight bags for us all, drop Molly at her friends for a sleepover, race down to Bradford and then out to Louise's work gala evening and awards (of which more here). Then up the next morning, shower, breakfast and head home to pick Molly up. The rushing just didn't seem to stop until we all settled down to watch Doctor Who.

Whereas today has been quite delightfully relaxed and sedate. We braved the winds and the forecast rain (which never materialised) to visit Kilnwick Percy Madhyamaka Buddhist Centre. It's a Buddhist retreat in an old stately home with absolutely lovely grounds for walking in and a sweet little vegetarian tea shop to relax in. A great antidote to the business of the last couple of days. And if I had my camera with me you would be looking at pictures right now. But it will have to be next time.

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