Monday, June 23, 2008

Louise's works do .....

Now here's where it all gets tricky to write about stuff....
Louise has pointed out the blog to people she works with, usually to show them pictures of Molly or to show them what I'm like to live with.
So I know at least some of them may read this.
Which means that, given Louise's oft repeated objection to me saying too much about her on here, I shall simply report on the weekend's event and nothing more.....

Louise and I attended the annual work's gala evening this weekend.
Hotel was lovely, venue lovely, food good but not great (except the pudding; lemon tart and balsamic strawberries - divine).
Everyone I met was lovely.

The great news of the night is that Louise won the Unit Manager of the Year award. Which is a big thing. Everyone seemed very happy for her, which was nice. Now all we have to do is decide where to spend the luxury weekend break that she won.

I think that satisfied the remit of just delivering the news with no editorial content whatsoever. I'm sure I'll get told this evening.

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