Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy Weekend: Part 1, visit your local art gallery for a little bit of exclusive Bob Dylan....

Saturday morning started wonderfully with a trip to the Acorn Gallery in Pocklington. They've been there a while now and we're very pleased to have something so nice in our little market town.
And they've managed to pull off a real coup it seems. They are one of only 50 galleries chosen to exhibit the limited edition prints from Bob Dylan's The Drawn Blank Series. (The originals are showing in the Halcyon Gallery in London). It's a great bit of publicity for this small gallery and business appeared very brisk as we wandered in this morning. There was orange juice and champagne on offer and the gallery owner was more than happy to show everyone who wanted to see these prints. Even those like us who were never going to spend £1000 for a print, although at least two people popped in to pick their reserved prints up. I think business was extremely brisk.

The Acorn Gallery is a lovely gallery, pop by and say hello, visit the website or peruse the blog.
Local paper the Pocklington Post had an article about the Acorn Gallery getting the Dylan exhibition.
However, I'm going to echo something Joe mentioned the other day at the FPI blog. I look at some of Dylan's lines and all I see is echoes of Oliver East. Especially that one above. But it's still a good set of art.

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  1. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the terrific write up about the Dylan work and our gallery.

    This means you have called in and not yet introduced yourself. I do not bite and would like to meet the man who leaves such nice comments. Regards John