Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy weekend part 2: Next up, the English Civil War.....

Following the Dylan gallery show, it was off to Fangfoss to see the Battle of Fangfoss and visit the village fete. All this time that we've been in Pocklington and I've only ever driven through Fangfoss so it was lovely to stop the car and have a day out there.

Fangfoss Church.

And it's a really lovely little village, full of picture perfect buildings, a thriving arts scene and, just a short walk down a country lane, a wonderful community run park. Jubilee Park is big, well designed, perfect for children, walkers, dogs and cyclists. It's something every town should have really.

The fete was a well organised yet quiet and small affair. Just like you imagined they would be when they feature in the Archers. Except this one had members of the English Civil War Society specifically Colonel Edward Montagu's Regiment of Foote re-enacting part of the battle of Stamford Bridge for us in the big central arena. Cannon, pikemen and muskets. Lots of nois, smoke and unfortunately even an authentic injury to one of the pikemen requiring an ambulance. Not part of the afternoon's plan.

All in all a very good day indeed.

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