Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chris Martin walks out of a Radio 4 interview.

Not "Storms Out" as I've repeatedly read it referred to.
But it was certainly a strange thing to listen to. Coldplay's Chris Martin and Will Champion (the drummer) were on Radio 4's Front Row last night and it seemed that Mr Martin really didn't want to be there. Asked a few questions about influences for the album, relationship to history and what he'd said about going away for a long time 3 years ago, he decided he'd had enough....
Martin appeared uncomfortable with the interview from the outset.
When asked about a speech he made at a music awards ceremony in 2005 where he said the band would be away "for a very long time", Martin said: "I always say stupid things and I think Radio 4 is the place that will most remind me of that."
Presenter Wilson questioned whether the new album - full title, Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends - was a morbid reflection of the band's lyrical obsession with death.
"I wouldn't agree with you there at all, no," said Martin.
"I'd say you're journalistically twisting me into saying something I don't really mean."
A few minutes later, Martin said he was "not really enjoying this" and that he did not really like "having to talk about things".
Champion answered the remaining questions before the frontman returned to answer a final question, about finding new musical territory, with the response: "Um....yes...yes, yes....exactly..."
Chris Martin. I was almost interested in hearing what he had to say. But he's either deliberately over-playing the tortured, interesting rock star or is just the epitome of totally lost it rock primadonna. Or, as a comment on DiS said: he just comes off as a self-important Diet Bono
The BBC have got story and audio evidence as well.

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