Monday, June 16, 2008

Doctor Who - Midnight, Rose's return and my worries for Donna....

Molly sat open mouthed when the Rose moment happened and then jumped up and down screaming with joy at next week's trailer.

Me? I really enjoyed the episode, but concerned for Donna's future. At last, a companion who doesn't get doe-eyed at the sight of Tennant and what happens?
Instant death after one series is being hinted at quite heavily now. All that stuff about having no future in the library episodes and the bit in the Pompei episode talking about something on her back? And then the scenes in the trailer for next week with something insecty on her back. It's just not right.
But it was a cracking episode, with a nice sense of mystery and foreboding developed by RTD. Of course, once it all went a bit chaotic at the end we did fall back on the noble sacrifice that's been used at least once before with Astrid and possibly more (but it's too late to check that now). But overall a great episode. We were talking Doctor Who in the restaurant and all three of usa agreed that this series has been far better than series three - which was only rescued from the absolute depths of the Dalek-Human hybrid farce by Paul Cornell's Human Nature two parter and the fun of the Master finale.
But if we're already at the high point of the series can the ending be any better? Or will it, as prophesised at various points around the interwebby thing, be just an over-complicated, get everybody back for the finale, mass reset of the Doctor Who universe for Moffat's arrival?

Whatever happens I'm really hoping that things aren't looking as black for Donna's future as we're led to believe. It's been wonderfully refreshing having a relationship between the two principals that involves more love of travel and adventure than simpering puppy love for each other.

Next week it's the Doctor Lite episode and it's also the return of Rose. Molly will be climbing the walls all this week in anticipation.

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  1. I took the "no future" comment and River Song's reaction to her name to be a pair of red herrings: no foreshadowing could be so blatant. I'll bet the "no future" is some form of timey-wimey gimmick that'll happen to her before the series is out.

    That said, putting all that work into making you like what was originally a thoroughly unlikeable character is usually a decent sign that the writers are going to put her through the mill.