Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day 2008

What a lovely day!
As I expected, awoken early by a noisy bundle of excited energy jumping on me and carrying a big carrier bag of presents.......

These are they. Obviously I knew about the ipod speakers, after all I did order them and help pay for them. But the photo frame, door hanger, badge and card were all her own work. And it was really lovely. If I hadn't been so bloody tired I may have cried.

(Dear My Lovely Daddy - that's bad grammar, but a gorgeous sentiment)

(My badge and the door hanger - specially adapted to read: "On the computer")

After pressies, it was breakfast and relaxing. And then more relaxing, which somehow led to more relaxing. Relaxing is nice. I should do it more often it seems.
In fact, we relaxed our way to tonight's treat, a meal out at our local Italian Pane e Vino followed by Doctor Who.

This has been a truly lovely weekend capped off by a great day.
All through it I've been reminded just why she's so very special and why I'm very, very lucky to be known as Daddy.
Thank you molly. x.

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  1. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Nice one - I live in Fangfoss and we where at the battle on the Saturday also. I am also a father and received my presents on Sunday morning - I notice the 'badge' I was lucky enough to get one too - what is it, badge, mirror or fridge magnet?

    I like your blog. We have only recently moved to Fangfoss from Pock. and we love it.