Friday, June 27, 2008

Final Crisis & Countdown - the condensed version ....

Ladies and Gentlemen, courtesy of Alan Kistler (via Laura Hudson) we present to you the entire story of 52 and Countdown in just two easily digestible parts. Sort of a reduced Shakespeare but with parallel universes and superheroes instead of faeries and mad kings.

This is what I need to see more of. Because ever since leaving the bosom of Nostalgia & Comics nearly two years ago, I've missed being up to date on the intricate goings on in the world of comics. I may have not wanted to have read all of the goings on in the Marvel and DC Universes but the nostalgic side of me still had an interest in what was going on.
But once you're out of that atmosphere of comics retail where someone will always be able to fill you in on some aspect or other of a comic, It becomes more and more difficult to keep up with the major changes at Marvel and DC what with all the big crossovers and huge events (correct me if I'm wrong - but is everyone at Marvel a Skrull now?) but at least with Countdown and the new Final Crisis I may at least have a little more understanding thanks to Alan Kistler.

Alan has very kindly broken down the events of Countdown and the lead in to Final Crisis into a couple of handy articles (with pictures as well for us really slow folks). Part 1, Part 2.
I'm here to give you a recap of some of the major Crisis-related happenings over this past year to get you caught up to speed. First, some backstory: A long time ago, there was "The Monitor," this guy who was sort of simian-looking but had really cool technology. It was his job to watch over the main DC Universe (and a few others). But then he died during The Crisis On Infinite Earths

A few years ago, the events of Infinite Crisis caused 51 parallel versions of the DC Earth to be created and the birth of 52 new Monitors. Each Monitor was assigned to watch over a single universe (sort of like having a pet, except you can't play with it too much).
And he carries on in much the same vein to pretty much explain the whole thing. Perfect.
This sort of thing should go on more often.

If anyone's taking requests I'd like this Skrull thing explained and then straight on to: House of M, The Ultimate Universe, The history of Legion of Superheroes, Spider-Man for the last 10 years, why the Hulk isn't starring in his own comic anymore and pretty much everything that's happened with Batman since Year 1 and up to Grant Morrison taking over.
By next week, on my desk.

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