Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday afternoon - Wimbledon's rained off - Everything is great!

Normally on a Friday afternoon I head home at some point (meant to be 1pm, rarely is) and sit here listening to the radio. Radio 5 on a Friday afternoon is usually just wonderful. Simon Mayo and the sports panel followed by Mark Kermode's film reviews. The only downside to this is that Kermode's reviews start at 3pm and finish at 4pm. This means I miss the second half as I'm off to pick up Molly from school.

Except today.
The rain is hovering over Wimbledon and play has been delayed. So the radio gods have smiled on me and they've brought Kermode forward today. So I sit here and enjoy the hour. Joyous.

Hulk - angry Shrek. Funny.
M Night Shalamar. Funny.

Update - rain stopped. Tennis on. Booo

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