Monday, June 30, 2008

Is this really the best time to be doing sleep experiments?

After a few weeks now of seeing my sleep patterns get even more fucked up than they usually are I have decided to take action.
Now, seeing as it's only a few weeks to the end of term (3 weeks, 2 days - not that we keep count or anything), I'm not entirely convinced that this is a clever move and we shall obviously see, just so long as I don't run the car into a tree on the way to work through sleep dep.

One thing this is useful for is explaining to Louise what the hell I was doing still up at half 5 this morning when she got up to get ready for work. Instead of trying to explain myself at that time of the morning I can just tell her to read the blog at work and then ask questions later. Those questions will presumably be "what the hell do you think you're doing? are you mad or just stupid? That sort of thing.)

I've found myself, in the last few weeks finding it increasingly difficult to go to bed. My brain annoyingly wants to stay active into the early hours. This is nothing new. But whereas before it was active from 11pm through to 1am, now it seems to want to stay up even later, 2am became the norm. Now it seems that 3am is becoming a normal point. Of course, this staying up late and getting up to drop molly off at school and take me to work has to has some payback somewhere. I can't just function on 4 hours a night so I find that on at least one day over the weekend I shall be incapable of getting up before 11am. This is not a good situation.

Yet it was one I seemed powerless to change, despite my best intentions. So I hatched my dastardly plan. If I don't feel sleepy at 3am tonight why not go with it and stay up all night? That way you could properly tire yourself out so that getting through Monday would be a struggle, and then all you have to do is stay awake until 10pm or so. THEN go to bed at a normal hour like normal folks do.
I'm thinking it's my equivalent of a sleep reset button.
It may work. It may not.
All I know is that it's 3:43am. I finished writing a review 15 minutes ago. Made the decision 10 minutes ago and have just written this to put it down on virtual paper (what phrase can we use now to replace getting it down on paper? putting it on screen doesn't really work?)

So the plan now is to stay awake, see Louise, point her towards this post (hi Louise x), get Molly up, have a normal morning, get her to school, get me to school, have a good day, get home and then don't allow myself to go to sleep before 10pm.
If all goes well, this will reset the system.
Or it may fuck me up even more.
Time will tell.
Let the great experiment commence. I need a coffee and more Gin.

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