Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The sleep chronicles ........ curing this sleep problem one night at a time.

When last we spoke last night I'd decided that it was time to have a good crack at this shitty sleeping thing I have going on.
To summarise, I have the big problem that my mind works best late at night and my natural state is for me to turn day into night, get up late and go to bed in the early hours of the morning. Obviously if I were a famous writer with no wife, child or life beyond writing this would not be a problem. But as I am not and I would dearly like to be thought of kindly when it comes the time for Molly to decide whether to ship me off to the really cheap nursing home or have me at home with her and her family I reckon I need to change.

Over the last few weeks / months I've noticed that I've been getting tired later and later at night and instead of 1 / 1:30 being the normal time for me, I found myself heading for bed at 2am, 2:30am and then, in the last few days 3am. This is obviously just going to go very wrong soon.

So last night I decided that the best way to do it would be to force myself into sleep. I needed to make myself absolutely exhausted and then get to bed at a decent time to make sure I had a fighting chance of a proper, normal sleep pattern.
The best way to do this - pull an all nighter.

So I did, last night.
I was fine until about 6am when I started with a few stomach cramps. These went away with breakfast. As did the tiredness headache.
Work was fine as well, although by mid afternoon I was getting the headache, cramps and general washed out feelings all over again. As expected the worst time was early evening where I felt completely zombied.

Ironically it's now just coming up to midnight and I'm actually feeling pretty good. The plan is to do this post and head for bed. Who knows, this might actually work?

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