Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monday night, children's plays, football, tiredness and more football....

Live Blogging my night.....

So here I sit, trying to listen to the France v Romania match on the radio whilst typing this and also trying to quickly write a play for Molly's cuddly toys. She's being all creative tonight and I'm being all exhausted.

At half four last night I still couldn't sleep. Not from the usual reason of staying up far too late, just from a combination of the hideous heat and a strange feeling of unease.
If I was a suspicious man I'd be thinking right now that something very bad is going to happen to the world. of course, that does rather depend on me having some kind of future sight akin to the way they say dogs can sense a coming hurricane. Or is it cats sensing a coming flood. Or rabbits sensing a coming light shower? I forget.
I forget quite a lot really.

So, after managing very little sleep last night the grande plan (with an e, so it must be important) is to stay awake until after the Italy v Holland match tonight and then go to bed and collapse to slumber.
That's the plan anyway. I've got to find a way to reset this shitty body clock of mine.

Anyway, the football. Tonight's Holland v Italy match will be the first one I've sat down and properly watched. So far it's all been on rthe radio. And from what I've heard I've not missed much at all. I was actually quite looking forward to a tournament without stress and it's a pleasure to be walking around without drowning under a sea of red and white St George flags. I actually started to watch the France v Romania match earlier tonight but found myself bored senseless by it and fell asleep for a couple of minutes at the end of the first half.

However, it's now half time for Holland v Italy. Now this is a good match. And with the potential to be a great match if Italy can just get a goal back early on in the second half.
Or maybe they'll just valiantly try and desperately fail and in the end go down 3-0 to what already looks like a Holland side that's going to win the bloody thing. I think I shall be popping into the bookies tomorrow for a little bet on them.

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