Monday, June 09, 2008

School work - introducing the Year 3 children to music..... Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre

Today was a fun lesson for me. And who knows, it may have even been enjoyable for Year 3. It was the first lesson in the ICT Music module.
Lesson plan provided by HLTA who usually plans these things said:

"Recognise sound of an assortment of instruments"
"Use electronic keyboard to discuss function of electronic instruments to produce sounds of different instruments".

Which, although it doesn't specifically mention Kraftwerk or Jean Michel Jarre, is absolutely crying out for use of the German and French electronic music innovators as perfect examples. Or at least I thought it was. Louise thought it was a bloody stupid idea when I suggested it.
Pah, what does she know? It was fantastic. Both of them featured in video on the Smartboard.

Kraftwerk: Music Non Stop:

Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygene 2:

Thought the Kraftwerk got over the synthetic feel of the music well and the Jarre footage was instrumental in describing the instruments. Or, as one of the Year 3 boys perfectly put it: the computery boxes which play the music.
I thought that covered it nicely.

Of course, after that I used my extensive keyboard skills to show the class lots of different sounds that they could make. And as a special ending I turned all the keyboard features on and gave them two minutes of music. And amazingly, since I'd only switched it on for the first time on Friday and have all the musical ability of a goldfish, it worked really well. Managed to get loads of features in, changes in tempo, drum patterns, tone patterns and instrument styles.

A really great lesson. And definitely the first time we've used Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre as teaching aids. But not the last.

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