Saturday, June 21, 2008

Of new music setups

Have spent a bit of the night tonight sorting out the new music setup in the room. Since getting the great father's day present of the Logitech speakers I've been thinking about where I can position them to get the best effect. So, after much experimentation I figure this works best, with the unit sitting fairly high but still in remote range. It's encased in the shelf unit which helps bump up the base a little and looks just so good. Sounds pretty wonderful too.
Of course, that isn't good enough for me. I decide it needs to go there and I want to sort out the cable runs to and fro. Because although it's battery powered it needs the mains very often, either for the ipod itself or the speakers. So I spent a goodly portion of tonight trying to drill through the cabinet to create cable runs. And now, after much trouble, all is good.

So this is now my music setup. Just me, the digital radio, the ipod in it's shiny, new speaker setup. And it is a great little speaker set. Initially when I got it and compared it side by side with the JBL On Stage speakers I was gutted as it just didn't seem as powerful or as strong with the music. But I'm sold on it now. It's just not quite as boomy, but is just as loud. My problem really was that I'm just not used to a clean sound, so I was missing the boominess and distortion that symbolised loudness to my ears.

The other thing about this new Logitech is that it's battery or mains run, so I can put it around the room to suit. And the final good thing; the extra spatial sound thingy (if i was less tired or more diligent I'd find out what they call it properly) that makes the stereo effect wider. It either works or it doesn't but when it does work - most noticeably so far on electronica (handy for me really) - it's really good and adds a lot to the sound.

All in all, very happy indeed with the whole new setup. Now back to playing some Kraftwerk.....

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