Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stephen Fry on the future of the Beeb

The latest in the esteemed Mr Fry's blessays is up here. It's the text of hi sspeech on the Fuure Of Public Service Broadcasting. And it's well worth a read:

It begins thus.....
Before I can even think to presume to dare to begin to expatiate on what sort of an organism I think the British Broadcasting Corporation should be, where I think the BBC should be going, how I think it and other British networks should be funded, what sort of programmes it should make, develop and screen and what range of pastries should be made available in its caf├ęs and how much to the last penny it should pay its talent, before any of that, I ought I think in justice to run around the games field a couple of times puffing out a kind of “The BBC and Me” mini-biography, for like many of my age, weight and shoe size, the BBC is deeply stitched into my being and it is important for me as well as for you, to understand just how much. Only then can we judge the sense, value or otherwise of what I am saying.
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