Thursday, June 19, 2008

Strangest Crossover of all time?


Dirk at Journalista posts up this one as his scan of the day from Hack/Slash #12 and calls it the third weirdest crossover of all time after the Archie/Punisher and Scout/Beanworld. Can you guess who it is?

(Their eternal Rage, embodiments of Hate, Spite filled babble - give up? Click here for the scan or just head to the Devil's Due page.)

total eclipse 1

Of course, personally I think this one makes it on as weird crossover #4. Because crashing in at #3 is the whole idiocy that was Total Eclipse. Wherein a medium sized independent company in 1988 decides to publish a big cross company continuity intense crossover thingy. So you had the entire roster of characters at Eclipse, including Marvelman, Airboy and Beanworld, shoehorned into one hideous clunker of a story. When it was first solicited I remember everyone saying it wouldn't work. And everyone was right.
Although it did have the first Neil Gaiman Marvelman/Miracleman strip in it. Which was nice.

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  1. Everyone was getting in on the crossover bandwagon back then. I remember First did one, too. I still have the Mark Sable/Badger issue somewhere.