Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tomorrow I shall be going to my first ever ICT conference. Joyous.

Yep, after a few hours sleep and an early start dropping Molly around to a friend's house for breakfast and a walk to school, I shall be heading to this. A day full of seminars and talks about the learning platform and web safety.
The good thing is that it's made up of lots of short events, which hopefully will keep me moving and stop me from falling asleep.

Of course, since the reps from RM are there I may be able to convince them to let me test an eeepc - maybe I could have it on permanent test? Or maybe not.

If I remember I shall twitter and email blog my day. That will be so thrilling.


  1. From your twitter comments, it doesn't look like you had such a good day! Did you get a chance to play with an EeePC though?

  2. Day got better after that, I did play with the eeepc, speakers actually said useful things in a not too dull manner.
    But the news of the afternoon is that we can legitimately head back and inform the head that implementing the learning platform is a long term job, takes 2-3 years to roll out to staff, governors, pupils and finally parents and is incredibly labour intensive.
    This is good news and bad. Good because the pressure is somewhat off. Bad because it's a lot of lot of lot of work for ME.