Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tom Spurgeon, meet Ben McCool. Ben, stop drinking and watching football and come say hi to Tom .....

Tom Spurgeon is reporting on Heroes Con and runs into an old friend of mine:
* I met the mysterious Ben McCool. McCool seemed to have an effective con strategy worked out, consisting mostly of staying in his room, drinking, and watching the Euro 2008 soccer quarterfinals.
Even if he hadn't put in the link to his MySpace page the description involving a comics convention of drinking and football could only be our lovely, hard drinking, comic-creating, soon to be married Ben McCool.

In other news, as we would expect Spurgeon's report on the convention is informed, witty and a delight to read. It sounds like a great, old fashioned comic convention and a million miles away from the mass media, film company driven enterntainment pop culture fests the big US shows appear to have become.

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