Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another week down, 7 days to go.....

And seeing as it's now Sunday, that means I'm sleepwalking my way through another weekend then. It always happens at this time in the term, no matter how short or long they are. I know it's extremely hard to get any sympathy from you workers out there with vaguely normal jobs but the strange thing about working in education is that your body gets attuned to the holiday/termtime thing. At the end of a term I get absolutely wiped out.

Plus it's the summer term and I've still got a ton of things to get done in the remaining seven days left at work. The end of term, particularly the end of summer term is always really busy, as there's no end of extras needed for the network at this time of year. Looking at the to-do list I can see at least 10 main jobs to get done in these seven days. Of course, the scope of these jobs is rather huge as well. For example one of the jobs is to migrate the old website to our nice new one. Easy to write down but in actuality it's a job that will takes hours and hours and days and days of my time.

And with my lesson load there's no way I can get them done in time. Eenie meanie minie mo, which ones can be deferred until next term.

And of course, on top of all these jobs, there are the added jobs that seem to be coming thick and fast. Because the jobs I've got to do across the network are pretty much invisible jobs in terms of results that the staff can see I sometimes get the feeling that my end of term is seen rather as a bit of a cushy time, hence all the bitty extras I'm being asked for. And curse my good nature, I keep saying yes to them!

So it's seven days to go. And I really need this holiday. But untilthen it's just a case of keep going, keep getting it done and try not to fall asleep on the computer.

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