Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bellowhead again ....

Synchronicity is a strange thing.

Lunchtime I get a text from Louise's younger niece (the young gig going one who makes me jealous with the amount she sees) thanking me for the cd I did for her and saying how much she loved Bellowhead. Because I stuck Ep Onymous on there for her to listen to. Of course I never expected her to like it particularly, thinking she'd go more for the Ladytron or Dresden Dolls more.

Then I get home, check the feeds and find this from Ashton: Bellowhead are a good band.
And proof that he's reading this.

Of course, since Ashton's busy all weekend doing his creative nexus for Birmingham thing all weekend at the Supersonic festival at the Custard Factory I'm feeling a tad jealous. Battles play there tomorrow night. Bah. But Bruton mansions has just been away and has credit cards to pay off.

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