Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dresden Dolls & Bellowhead

I found some new music over the last week and a bit (well, new to me anyway). Expect something by both to feature in the end of year list.

Bellowhead I kept hearing about in hushed, reverential voices when talking about exciting new folk music. So off I toddle to download a couple of cds worth of material. First play I nearly deleted the lot but it's grown on me to the point where I'd love to see them live at some point (look at that - a free music = ticket sales example).
Examples on You Tube.

Whereas the Dresden Dolls I sort of heard about back in 2003 when they first arrived on the scene (as I believe the kiddies are calling it). Brechtian Dark Cabaret are what they describe themselves as, although in all truth they're an amalgamation of many, many bands I've heard before. Not that this is necessarily a criticism. Get to my age and everything suddenly starts sounding like something else. It's not necessarily what influences you have that is important, it's reworking the influences into something interesting and good that really matters.
And the Dresden Dolls manage to make it all work very well. I saw Girl Anachronism on MTV 120 Minutes and was instantly sold. Two people, plinky plinky piano, interesting drum rhythms and time signitures, a stoccato delivery, some clever little lyrics and nice hooks and I'm sold on it. So far I've only listened to the first cd The Dresden Dolls, but I've got Yes Virginia and No Virginia to look forward to as well.
Examples on You Tube. Or just go straight to Girl Anachronism.


  1. The Dresden Dolls are excellent. And although their influences are quite clear, they don't really sound like much else around at the moment.

    They put on great live shows as well, with loads of other cabaret-style acts around the hall.

    And I think it's Brechtian Punk Caberet - I even have it as a genre in iTunes especially for them :o)

  2. Oops.
    Yep, Brechtian Punk Cabaret.

  3. I came across the Dresden Dolls via BBC 6 Music a year or two ago, top stuff, will need to give the other lot a try