Tuesday, July 08, 2008

You Tube - a resource for everything?

I was thinking tonight about the wonder that is You Tube. It's become a first port of call for so many things. I fancied looking at a few videos for Bellowhead and The Dresden Dolls, as mentioned in the last post. Straight to You Tube.
I can remember fondly waiting for Top Of The Pops years ago to see the latestvideos. And then it was the Chart Show. Sitting there with the remote control to record 2 minutes of grainy videos onto a badly edited mix video. Kids today, just don't know how good they have it etc etc.

Then I needed a couple of quick presentations to play in the background of the ICT suite for the open day at school on Friday. Straight to You Tube for a bit of web2.0 things. Within a couple of minutes: this and this (with a bit of editing) will do perfectly.

Of course, the sad thing is that I can't use them at school without a bit of conversion as You Tube (and all file sharing / social media sites) gets blocked. Ho Hum.

But You Tube. Wonderful resource.

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