Friday, July 04, 2008

Jim Medway's comic teachings .....

Matthew Badham recently pointed me in the direction of Jim Medway's comics blog. Jim, you may or may not know is an excellent cartoonist currently engaged in work with the DFC amongst other things.

But Matthew was specifically pointing out the series of blog posts on his work in schools. These are on his blog as The Sessions. In a few very entertaining posts he takes us through the processes he uses to get children across a wide age range (KS2 - KS4 and beyond) really excited about comics and art. I love his style of teaching and the simple and effectve methods he's developed along the way. Take for example his post Character Brainstorm, on pattern recognition of the Simpsons and Spongebob from just a couple of very simple lines. Or a little futrther on, using the example of Charles Schultz having to draw Charlie Brown 64,000 times in his lifetime to explain why simplicity and economy of line and style is a must in cartooning.


Jim Medway's website, his blog. You should also head over to Matthew Badham's blog where he had an interview with Jim earlier this year.

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