Friday, July 04, 2008

Birmingham Comics Show vs Holy Communion

It's the Birmingham Comics Show this October 4th & 5th. I was planning on attending for the whole weekend. Got as far as booking hotel rooms and tickets. Looking forward not only to going back to Birmingham for a catching up weekend but spending all weekend talking comics. Last year's was great fun and I was hoping to repeat the experience this October.

Then Louise points out that the weekend in question just happens to be Molly's 1st Holy Communion. Specifically October 5th. She may not have been all that impressed when I spent a moment working out whether or not to miss it.

Because I'm really not that enamoured by the whole religion thing. Molly is a Catholic by geography more than anything else. Specifically the geography of being born in Birmingham with a terrible selection of primary schools nearby.
(Please don't tell God)

Of course, now that she is Catholic she's going for it the way young children do. Much the same as her love of Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny I just play along and just accept God as another fantastical character that she'll eventually grow out of.

But, even though I am completely without love for the church, I do love my daughter very much indeed and will therefore be cutting short my sojourn at Birmingham's Comic Show in favour of watching her wearing a white dress and having Communion. At least there's a party afterwards.

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