Thursday, July 17, 2008

Martin Wagner returns (finally) to Hepcats....

A lost cartoonist returns.

Back in the day, it was Dave Sim, Jeff Smith, Terry Moore and then Martin Wagner somewhere at the forefront of the self publishing movement. You should have heard about the first three. But I'd forgive you not remembering the third. He self published issues of the much missed Hepcats comic book and they still sit on my shelf, waiting for the continuation of the series. It was a uel, one of us would give up first. Either I'd get rid of them to take away the misery of the unfinished book or he'd cave and start producing again.

Well, Martin Wagner (wiki) is finally back in the comics game. He's started a blog and has just posted the first couple of pages from a new mini-comic he's producing onto Flickr:

This is only the start of the story, which is set in 2006, and contains no Snowblind spoilers, for those of you waiting for a resolution to that story. It is still forthcoming, but I find I need to do some simpler work like this first, before trying to throw myself back into a complex and lengthy graphic novel plotline that I sadly abandoned ten years ago and really haven’t thought about since.
I'm really hoping that he keeps going with this. We shall see.

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