Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What she should be getting for her report ...

Actually, thinking about it, I know exactly what Molly should be getting for her report. We should be telling her that she's getting her bloody trumpet with it.

Hold on, let me go back a ways. A few weeks ago a lady came into her school to sell the children on the idea of taking up a musical instrument. There was talking, there was trying. There was a hideous noise.

And she came home that night really, really, really wanting to learn how to play the trumpet.

And we've always said that we'd support her in anything that she really wanted to do, and playing an instrument is a great thing. Which is why I ended up attending a parents meeting from the tutor. It was pretty obvious that this was going to be a big financial intake of breathe, because she completely failed to mention money up until the very end, a whole 30 minutes in.

But we love Molly very much and are quite confident that when she says that she will keep going with the trumpet and will work very hard at it.
And it doesn't help that if we buy it through the tutor's company we get 80% of the cost back if she jacks it in within 2 years.

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