Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bizarre Chair induced toe injury

Oh, I forgot to mention in my little roundup of Molly's birthday party that I think I've broken a toe.

This is what you get for dropping a chair onto it from a great height. I was trying to do the right thing and not drop Molly's birthday cake at the time and could but watch as the chair tipped over and the edge of the seat hurtled down to the floor. Luckily my toe was there to stop it or it may have been injured.

My toe didn't hurt much at the time, certainly no more than if I'd stubbed it, but I noticed a little later that it was getting hot, starting to throb and, tellingly, seemed to be bending backwards at a point that wasn't a proper joint. It's a few hours later now and it's painful, but not too bad (painkillers and gin doing the trick there then) but is still doing the bending where it's not supposed to bend trick.

I know full well of course that there's no point going to the doctor about it. If it's broken all they'd do is tell me to rest it, elevate it, apply ice and strap it to the next toe. All of this I can do. I haven't been for an X-ray, that's just some broken toe X-ray from the interwebby.

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