Saturday, August 23, 2008

Film round up - Star Wars The Clone Wars & Kung Fu Panda

This week we went to see two movies. First up was Star Wars: The Clone Wars. How could they go wrong? Cartoon Star Wars, George Lucas not involved in the actual film-making, lots of cool battles and no real need to move the story along like the previous three movies. All they had to do was make it cool, accessible to children and grown0-ups and put in a decent enough story to keep us occupied for 2 hours.
Oh well. Failed on every level. It felt like 4 hours. The plot, dialogue and particularly the ridiculous pacing could have been written by Lucas himself and that horribly cute thing that was Jabba The Hut's son? That was the best plot you could come up with?
Looked nice though.

Kung Fu Panda was much, much better. For a start it was a healthy hour and a half long and it felt like less - which is always a good sign for a movie. Animation crisp and fun, gags were good, story good. In fact it was pretty much everything that Clone Wars wasn't, namely a decent animated movie that kept me and the kids entertained for a reasonable length of time.

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