Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The end of the holidays looming...

In the final straight of the holidays, always a difficult time. It's difficult to express the feeling at this point. Having had a month off suddenly not working becomes the norm rather than it just being another holiday. Of course, the end of August is always marked out by a double birthday, first Louise, then just one week later and effectively marking the end of the holidays it's Molly's birthday. We've had Louise's now so it's full steam ahead with Molly's birthday.

Much excitement this year as she's finally getting the party that she's missed for the last couple of years. When we were in Birmingham it was too difficult organising her friends to get together on the bank holiday weekend. A combination of being away for holidays and the distances that her friends lived away from the school made it very difficult. We tried a few times to have something either before or after the holidays but it never really worked. And last year was the first in Pocklington and we didn't feel we knew enough people to organise something.

But this year we're off to Pocklington Arts Centre to see Kung-Fu Panda with four of her friends. After that we have a little down-time, either at our house or at Burnby Hall for a runaround and an ice-cream. Then, to top the day off we're all going out for a meal at Pan-e-Vino, our favourite Pocklington restaurant. And guess who gets to be chaperone for the five excited 8 & 9 year olds until Louise finishes work to come along for the meal?

Me. I'm expecting an afternoon of giggling and fun and hopefully no upsets at all. Or at least I'm hoping that's how it will go.

We also went to the pictures last week to see Space Chimps. It looked like it was going to be a really film from the trailers. But although it was pretty good, there was nothing marvellous about it. A real shame. Molly enjoyed it though.

Highlight of the week was a trip to Cruckley Farm. It's a working farm near Driffield full of rare breeds and absolutely perfect for children with a lot of paddocks full of sheep, goats, pigs and chickens that you could go into, walk around and be surrounded by animals all very keen to take the food from your hands. Molly and I went last week and had a fantastic time.

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