Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Louise .....

She doesn't get that many mentions on the blog, at her own behest. "Don't write about me, don't you dare" was I think her actual reaction.

But it's Louise's birthday today. So Happy Birthday love.

Okay, here's what Molly and I have planned for the day; Presents are all bought and today we're spending our time baking and finishing off Molly's present for mummy. Every year we have the triple problem of what to do; Christmas, Mother's Day and Birthday. No matter what we get her as presents I know it's the present from Molly that Louise looks forward to the most. Over the years we've run through everything possible, from mugs, pictures, a book written by Molly, I love you Mummy novelties galore. This year we're doing something slightly different, as Molly came up with the idea on her own; writing a thank you letter to Mummy. We've bought special paper, envelope and pens. From what Molly's done so far I think we'll be seeing tears from Louise on her birthday. Which always means we've done a good job.

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