Monday, August 11, 2008

Holiday half way point.

Is the holiday really halfway over already? I know it's hardly likely to get me much sympathy but it's a bit of a swizz this year, as we don't get a full 6 weeks off since the first week only started on a Wednesday and we've got to go back on a Monday for a couple of training days. (Oh woe is me).

So really, discounting the first week as just a three day mini week and the second week we spent on holiday proper, the last week was our first at home holiday. Surprisingly I haven't really done that much with Molly this week as she's been in demand from her friends. Which is lovely but slightly unsettling as I'm used to being the main entertainment provider for the holidays. Another sign of her growing older and being popular I suppose, which is a lovely thing (not growing older - that's horrible).

We did go to the cinema on Monday to see Wall-E but after that it either off to play at her friends or having friends round at our house. It might be silly but I always feel I'm not doing the parent thing properly when things like this happen. But the most important thing is that she had a load of fun. The weekend was rather curtailed by the weather but it did mean lots of board games, lie-ins and Olympic watching, then ending with Prince Caspian.

This week we've already organised three visits. Now I shall just have to figure out what we're doing on the other two days.

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  1. Anonymous8:20 PM

    You've made me realise that I'm in the wrong profession. I'd love to be off work for the summer hols ;O).....big feelings of envy