Monday, August 11, 2008

Reviewing - the half time scores

The plan was to really hit the review shelf hard in my six week school holidays.
It's now half way through the holidays. 3 weeks down, three to go.

I've done 15 reviews and I'm sat here just finishing the 16th.
The plan was 5 a week.
I'm on target. I'm up on target.
I'm amazed.
I'm off to have a G&T to celebrate. A large one. More G than T.


  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    The British Department of Health has urged schools to send parents reports on their pupils' height and weight: what do you think of this initiative?

    You being a teacher ...... is this true????

  2. Like most government ideas on schools it is just stupid.
    Parents who take any notice = parents you don't need to talk to.
    Parents you need to get the message to = ones who don't bother reading anything from school anyway.

    & not a teacher, just teaching assistant / ict technician. Much less stress.