Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympics 2008

I haven't actually blogged at all about the Olympics this year. Obviously this isn't due to the Bruton family not being glued to it night and day, just because the rest of the holiday has been so busy.

Every night all three of us have been watching the highlights at 7pm, despite Gabby Logan's simpering presentation. And then every morning we've had Olympic Breakfast on and Radio 5 coverage throughout the day. As usual we've been watching practically everything. Except the Football and the Tennis - because they just shouldn't be in there. Steve Backley said it best when he pointed out that a sport should only be in the Olympics if attaining an Olympic Gold Medal is the highest acolade in that sport. It obviously isn't the case with these two sports and they should be out.

The performances have been incredible. Obviously Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt were incredible. But so many others impressed as well, a great many of the part of The British Team (sorry, but Team GB is as stupid as using Medalled as a verb.)

It's been a wonderful Olympics and it's been amazing to actually have an Olympic team that we can be proud of. After the success of the Rowing, Cycling and Swimming teams it's been almost a relief to see that the Athletics team hasn't let the side down, because going into this second week Louise and I were convinced we might come out of it with just one Track & Field medal from Phillips Idowu. But that hasn't happened. At the time of writing, we're 7th in the Athletics medal table with 1 medal of each colour. This put's us 3rd in the medals table, (as long as you present the results correctly that is)

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