Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bill Hicks Movie? No No No No NO

Reports this week that there are moves afoot to make a biopic of the great Bill Hicks:
Bill Hicks, the anarchic comedian who shocked enough people in the late 80s and early 90s to be dubbed 'Goat-boy', is to be played by Russell Crowe in a new biopic.
Of course, the real problem is not who should play him, but that someone actually thinks there's a reason to make a biopic at all. God knows there's plenty of Bill Hicks out there for you all to see and listen to. This is just some marketing man's stupid idea, and we all know what Bill thought of them....



  1. amen. if you listen to him enough to be inspired to write a movie, you werent listening.

  2. yup, smegging marketing suit in one of the studios. "ohh, Bill's going for the 'angry hate all marketing'dollar, that's smart, that's a big market..." "Stop putting everything into a category to market for dollars you bloodsuckers. If you are in marketing then do the planet a favour and kill yourself now, you serve no useful purpose."

    As St Bill of Hicks is my personal patron saint should these suits desecrate his foul-mouthed memory (and that of Goat Boy too) then I will declare comedy Jihad on their pinstripe wearing butts.