Saturday, August 09, 2008

Remember The Milk - Salvation!!!

I have a bit of an organisational problem.
It's true.

Now, at work, I am Mr Organised. I rarely get stressed with the workload, just head down, one thing at a time and get on with it. The emergencies at work stress me out, as does anything to do with the network. But overall, I'm chilled and relaxed and just get on with it, secure in the knowledge that I am never, ever going to clear the to-do list.

But the recent holiday has shown me exactly what my problem at home is. I stay up late and try to get everything done and I flit from one thing to another with shocking lack of focus. I don't get enough sleep and I trap myself into a cycle of stress being too tired to get things done early in the night and then staying up late to try to do stuff once I'm more awake. On holiday I had no distractions and just a set number of reviews to do and I ploughed through them.

So I have started something new. I found the wonderful online t0-do application Remember The Milk a while back and started using it, but not properly. This changes tonight.
I now have everything online telling me what I have to do and when I have to do it. I am setting myself realistic goals and achievable targets for a workload.
I am filled with hope that this will work.
God help me.
It's a sad life.

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