Friday, September 05, 2008

Back to the Ipod A-Z thing......

Okay, so before we headed to London I'd gotten to the end of the Bs in my Stupid I-pod A-Z thing. But a couple of days before London I broke my rules and went straight to That Petrol Emotion. Once back from London, still fresh from the wonder of seeing the band live once more, it was back on with TPE. (The rules are mine, therefore any and all excuses I make about the rules are allowed. So there.)

But we're back on now. Onwards to C. Which was always going to take an awful long time. The entire works of Cabaret Voltaire, Carter USM and The Cure is going to take me at least all of September I reckon. 619 songs for the three bands. Roughly 10% of my music there in three bands. Wow.

Currently on the really dancy Cabaret Voltaire phase. Friday night party whilst reading up on the LHC and data centres. Oh, I know how to have fun.

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