Monday, September 22, 2008

I has bizness cards......

I finally took the plunge and got around to making myself business cards.
Decided to do a compare and contrast between Vistaprint and (thanks to Pete for the heads up on Moo).

Moo first - 50 cards, £14.48, 2 sided. Upload up to 50 different photos for the front. But I settled on what I think is a nice enough design, the graphic novel shelf motif that adorns the top of this blog.


Vistaprint - 250 cards, about the same price I recall; as I didn't like any of the "free" designs (that's free but have to pay postage so not free) I went for the premium range and I'm fairly happy with them as simple, get the message across cards.


But I still prefer the Moo ones. Of course, my wallet says go for the Vistaprint.


  1. Hi, I'm familiar with VistaPrint. With Moo which paper did you go for and how does it compare?

    If we had our own design and doesn't need photos, is there a point to Moo?

  2. Moo paper was matt finish and it's really nice, feels much better quality than the Vistaprint paper.

    If you're going for your own design, and don't want two sided cards then Vistaprint works out much cheaper. But I just loved the fact that Moo gave me the option of double sided so having both works very well indeed.

  3. But VistaPrint can do double sides as well. Granted not do different photos on each probably.

    Thanks for the tip.