Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend over already? On planning, Anxiety, Work and Writing....

Looking back it was actually a proper three day weekend.
What do you mean Friday doesn't count as the weekend?

It does round here. Finish work at 12. Off to Market Weighton for a mooch and coffeee. Home by 1:30. Blogging, school work and listen to podcasts all afternoon until picking up Molly at 3:30. Bliss.

And then the weekend took a familiar pattern. After the aforementioned church stuff on the Saturday Molly had a friend round Saturday afternooon, which meant Louise and I just spent all Saturday relaxing. Although her idea of relaxing may be more familiar to you all than my idea of relaxing, seeing as my relaxing includes sitting for hours in front of a computer and trying to write reviews of a couple of things that just would not work.

It happens occasionally - the review that just wont be written. The piece that refuses to get down onto paper or screen. Although it's very rare that two in a row bugger about like these two did. This ate up a large part of Saturday. Eventually, sometime around 11pm I managed to declare both done. Finished and sorted. Then I hit the school work.

Which is what I spent a great deal of today doing. Or rather that's what I spent a great deal of today doing once I had awoken. Write off the morning completely and most of the afternoon as I'd developed a huge headache and bad back in the night. Curses.

This meant tonight has been a catch up night. I'm okay for reviews now, I have 6 to do in the next two weeks. Piece of cake. So far the score for September is 11 in 21 days. 6 in another 11 days should be no bother. Unfortunately I got so involved with one review that it's midnight and I'm just about to start doing some schoolwork that must be ready for 9:15 tomorrow morning. Arse.

So why am I writing this at midnight you may ask? Because I am putting it off. Such is my way. I am also planning my next month or so. School work should get lighter after this month and reviewing, thanks to the mammoth effort of summer holidays and September should settle back down to a simple one or two a week for a while. This, in theory, leaves me free to explore that often remembered thing; leisure time. Although Louise is increasingly convinced that I'm just not happy unless I'm in some doing something, even if it's just getting ready to do something. All of which ties nicely and neatly into the idea of my having Anxiety of some kind - the body in a constant state of alertness, the flight or fight response that wont turn itself off. I think that's where I get the feeling of satisfaction at having something to do all of the time.

But knowing about it is a major step forward. Now I have a month to actually do something about it. I shall look back at the end of October and see how it's gone.

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