Sunday, September 14, 2008

The LHC Comic strip....

Missed this earlier in the week, but whilst the press were banging on about the end of the world being imminent with the switch on of the Large Hadron Collider, Boing Boing put up links to a quite lovely webcomic from PhD Comics’ Jorge Cham about his recent trip to see the LHC at CERN. Like the recent Scott McCloud Google comic it’s another example of comics just doing a damn good job of explaining things in a clear, simple yet scientific and detailed manner. Of course, there’s a few more laughs in this one than McCloud’s Google comic.


The whole End Of The World Is Nigh rubbish that surrounded this really annoyed me (here’s my take on it) and seemed to sum up the desire by many to remain insular and unquestioning, to hold science up as something dangerous and to be feared. But the man who best summed it all up was Prof. Brian Cox, who came out with the best quote of the whole farcical, anti-science, hysterical and frankly stupid reaction tothe LHC:
Anyone Who Thinks the LHC Will Destroy the World is a Twat.

There’s a 16 minute You Tube clip of him giving a lecture that is essential viewing for anyone interested in the whole thing. That combined with the comic should leave you feeling amazed at the whole thing and wondering exactly what incredible discoveries the LHC may make about the fundamental nature of our existence.

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