Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back to school with a bump and a parp for Molly....

It's been Molly's first full week as a Year 5 pupil. So far she's had a fantastic time and is really enjoying her new class and thinks her teacher is great.

But the really exciting thing for her is that she's started learning to play the Trumpet. Luckily for us the neighbours are away this week, but I dread to think what they'll say when they come back and hear her practising every night. I think once they do come back it will be time for her to start practising in the garage, as far away from any neighbours as we can get. Sure it's cold, but the next best alternative is in her room, a similar distance from the neighbours but a damn sight closer to me.

So Trumpet is good, but homework in year 5 is bad. Spellings, Literacy and Numeracy every week. So Friday night we sit down at the kitchen table. Radio off, ready to work. Spellings go well. Then it's onto the Literacy. One hour in and she's realising that what she thought was the easy bit of her homework is a little more difficult. One and a half hours and the arguments start. As usual with these things she gets pissed off that she can't do it, I get snarky and snappy with her and it all goes rather downhill from there. Luckily for us Louise is there to get in the middle and metaphorically bang our heads together.

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