Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sooooo tired - of work, work, reviewing and work....

The grand plan of getting back to school and reducing the workload?
Well that didn't bloody well work.

Current scores on the doors;
I'm still trying to clear the review shelf down to a reasonable number. After the hugely valiant effort of the summer I've still got 16 to go. Ouch. Even worse, I'm currently completely bogged down on two separate reviews that just will not bloody work.
And school is going increasingly mental. Everyday I go in with a clear plan of how I'm going to clear some stuff off the to do list and every day I manage a couple. Problem is of course that I end up having 4 or 5 added to it. Take today or yesterday for example; classes in all day and only get chance to catch up over lunch - which of course I'm not paid for. In fact, I kept an eye on the amount of work I'm doing all last week and technically could have taken Thursday & Friday off.

Of course, the real problem with that is that I'm knackered and pretty bloody useless when it comes around to evening time. Then I wake up as usual around 10/11 at night and have to really force myself to get to bed. Oh boo hoo, here I go again. However. The main thing about it is that I'm not necessarily getting stressed and anxious over it. I've learnt from that lesson.

Of course, this rather explains the lack of any think blogging recently and the prevelance of some nice (hopefully) link blogging. I know that link blogging is looked down on in some quarters but personally I think it's a good thing. I know this because when I first started becoming aware of blogging and following certain blogs, the main ones were Pete Ashton and Linkmachinego. Pete has always put link posts into his blog and LMG is a link blog. So I still think it's valid. After all, without link blogs all we'd actually have is a whole procession of whining posts about meaningless stuff.

Oh, wait.
That's this post.

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